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 Post subject: Re: Has Living Cookbook gone MIA?
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:44 pm 
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Help me understand Paprika and similar apps. I have all of my recipes in Word doc format and saved to a folder (cleverly titled "recipes") and that is stored in Dropbox. It is very easy to access, costs nothing, etc. How are the apps better? :? :?:

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 Post subject: Re: Has Living Cookbook gone MIA?
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 2:57 pm 

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  • I don't have Word. Or any other word processor. The only use for Word is for resumes, and luckily even that is fading.
  • I use a lot of different computers. Most do have dropbox, I'll give you.
  • I use a couple of different iPads. DropBox is only so-so there, and searching cross document is iffy.
  • I use a mobile. See iPad.
  • I need access to my recipes on the go. In truth, the mobile and iPad do the trick (one of the iPads is dedicated to the kitchen), but it nice to have access from a computer too.
  • I can import a recipe from a web page in about 3 clicks, perfectly formatted and organized.
  • I can rescale the recipe at a click
  • I can keep track of prep by clicking ingredients, which strikes them off
  • It is much easier to navigate the app the files in a directory. Much nicer searching too
  • I can convert to metric in a click. Mostly.
  • Built-in timers. Don't use that one a whole lot, though.
  • I can export a shopping list to my reminders list in a click or two
  • Prettier.
  • Have I mentioned, I hate Word? Possibly only exceeded by my hate of Outlook. I would seriously consider turning a job down because they used outlook.

And, of course, some people like wine, some people drink beer and don't see the point of wine. And some people don't drink at all, but I'm at a loss to explain that. Not all things are for all people, least of all in information storage and organization.

Also, last I checked, Word isn't free :) (No, I don't have a work copy, don't use it their either)

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 Post subject: Re: Has Living Cookbook gone MIA?
PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:39 pm 
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Joined: Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:05 pm
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I enjoy collecting lots of recipes from different sources. I sometimes enjoy cooking from them.
I like knowing the nutrition value of what I eat, even if I don't change anything because it is not good.
Being OCD, I like knowing what ingredients I have and how much I paid for them.
I like comparing the cost and nutritional value of store bought items to homemade ones, e.g. Dave's Killer bread vs my homemade version.
I like rating the recipes I make, so I won't make the same mistake next time or can duplicate a perfect one.
I like tweaking recipes, almost always do if not the first time I make it, certainly the next and like to note what I change. I change most.
I like converting recipes to the pressure cooker and now to the Instant Pot. I want to be able to see the original when converting more than once.
I scale recipes to the amount of ingredients I have. I save the scaled versions and the originals.
Sometimes I go back and forth between two variations of the same recipe. E.g., microwave 6 layer bars sometimes made with graham crackers and other times with TJ's coconut crisps, sometimes all butter, others half butter half coconut oil, sometimes full fat condensed milk, sometimes no fat or a combo of all the above. Some are better than others.
The few times I actually plan menus, I like being able to create shopping lists from the recipes and scale them up or down as needed
I like having pictures of the recipes, original and from what I made.
I like saving info re prep shortcuts, sous vide times, ingredient subs., pan size conversions, flour protein %, etc.
I like to keep track of my kitchen appliances and gadgets so I won't buy something twice, also storing model and serial numbers, warranty info, use info and purchase place and date.

I like having all that info in one place that is searchable.


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